URGENT – Complete the Regulation 19 Consultation!

Deadline 26th February.

If you’ve been following along with developments, and have read our explanation of the plans, you’ll know that Shropshire Council is consulting once again on the Local Plan.  This is what is called a Regulation 19 – or ‘Pre-Submission Draft’ – Consultation.  This follows September’s Reg 18 (‘Preferred Sites’) Consultation where hundreds of residents objected to the plans for Bridgnorth.  Unsurprisingly, Shropshire Council has taken not a blind bit of notice, and they are pressing ahead regardless.  What’s in the plan is exactly the same as what we saw in September. 

The draft Plan currently being consulted on is what Shropshire Council intends to submit to the Secretary of State.  Once they’ve submitted it, the plan will then be subject to an ‘Examination in Public’ and a Government Inspector will hold hearings to decide whether the plan is ‘sound’ and whether Shropshire Council can adopt it (although at this stage of the game there is a ‘presumption towards approval’).  What we all say now, and the evidence we submit, will be used by the Inspector as part of their deliberations.

Thanks to the community’s herculean efforts, the residential plans for a “Garden Village” at Stanmore have been dropped.  This is a massive win for the protection of our greenbelt, truly a David and Goliath victory.   

However, Shropshire Council still want to allocate 11.5ha (28 acres) of extra employment land in the greenbelt at Stanmore. This is part of a mind-boggling allocation of a total 100 acres of extra employment land in the town (which they’ve still not evidenced). We don’t think this greenbelt allocation is justified, and we need as many people as possible to lodge their objections to these proposals in this round of consultation, before the deadline of 26th February

Don’t worry, we’ve made submitting responses really easy!

Clive, our consultant, and he does this for a living!

Just like the September consultation, this draft of the Local Plan is over 500 pages long, and there are tens of thousands of pages of evidence. Once again, we have to comment policy by policy, rather than comment on the plan per se. Even worse, because this is a ‘Regulation 19’ consultation, we can only argue our objections from the perspective of ‘soundness’ which has a pretty narrow and specific meaning in planning policy and law. All we can say is Clive, our extremely experienced planning consultant, is absolutely worth his weight in gold!

Once again, we’ve made it really simple, the whole thing should take five minutes to fill in. We’ve pre-prepared the consultation responses for you, and we’ve picked out the most important policies (five in all) that we need everyone to comment on.

All you need to do is fill in your details and either post the forms back to Shropshire Council, or drop them into us and we’ll send them off, or save them electronically and email them to Shropshire Council.

Please help us to save Bridgnorth’s Greenbelt – complete the consultation!

This consultation is lengthy, complicated, and hard to understand.  Like last time, we’ve made things easy by pre-filling in the consultation for you – all you’ve got to do is sign and return. 


Get your consultation forms – you’ve got two options

  1. Scroll down and download the documents to your computer from our website
  2. Pick up your forms from Worfield Garage

Fill in the forms

  • Fill in the Part A form with your name and contact details in the ‘personal’ column (ignore the deadline date, it’s since been extended to 26th)
  • Fill in your name on each sheet of the Part B forms (5 in all) where it says PART B RESPONSE and SIGN AND DATE it at the bottom – make sure you do this for all five forms.
  • Don’t worry about Q6 and Q7 – should you be contacted to attend an Inspection Hearing you can just say you are happy to be represented by Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt instead (nobody is going to make you argue your case we promise!) and our professionals will make arguments on your behalf at the examination. We’ll provide more info on this nearer the time.
  • Either drop your completed forms into the box in the shop at Worfield Garage by 24th February to give us time to get them to Shropshire Council by the deadline.
  • Or post your form back to Shropshire Council making sure it will arrive by 26th February

Posting to:
Shropshire Council
Planning Policy & Strategy Team
Shirehall, Abbey Foregate


You need to download 6 documents in all, the PART A personal details form, and then five PART B responses.

When you click the links, each file should automatically download.

Part A Personal Details form, download HERE

Part B Response 1, download HERE

Part B Response 2, download HERE

Part B Response 3, download HERE

Part B Response 4, download HERE

Part B Response 5, download HERE

You can then either print the forms out, and fill in your details by hand following the instructions above, and then drop them into us, or post them back to Shropshire Council.


Email them back to Shropshire Council. Fill in your personal details in the PART A form in the personal column and save it to your computer. Fill in your name on each of the 5 part B forms where it says PART B RESPONSE, sign (put your name) and date at the bottom and save each to your computer.

Completed Consultation Forms can be submitted by attaching them to an email going to:


If submitting your own response, please enter your last name in the subject field of the email. If submitting a response on behalf of a someone else, please enter their last name in the subject field of the email.

That’s it!

Consultation closes 26th February, and we will – with the help of our lawyers and our fantastic planning consultant – also be submitting an official ‘Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt’ response to this consultation as well, commenting on dozens of policies. We will keep you posted about what happens next.

Thank you!