JOIN US: Protect Bridgnorth’s Greenbelt

Welcome to Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt!  Here you should find everything you need to know about the council’s plans to take an unprecedented area of land out of the Greenbelt, why it matters, and what you can do about it.  You can also follow us on Facebook HERE

We’ve now appointed a legal team!  Donate to our fighting fund HERE 

Mid June saw us host two very successful public meetings, in Worfield, and at the Castle Hall in Bridgnorth.  Both meetings were packed the rafters, and we received such a warm and generous welcome at both venues.  This was covered extensively in the press and you can read more here

Through the summer and autumn we’ve been working hard behind the scenes, and we will be launching another public campaign in early 2020, as we gear up for the next round of consultation.


We were also absolutely delighted to announce the support and involvement of our VIP, aviation legend Mike Kendrick.  Mike is a PR and Advertising guru as well as a Stanmore resident and he’s an absolute asset to our campaign.  As he reminded us, public opinion truly can ‘move mountains’.  We are also very lucky that award winning businessman Henry Carver is throwing his weight behind us; he chaired both meetings with aplomb, and has been heading up our business and political networking efforts.  The meetings were also the moment we launched our fundraising campaign – we raised an incredible £1,500 in just two evenings – but if we’re going to fight back effectively against these ludicrous plans, we need to raise even more.  You can find out how you can help us, and how to donate on our ‘Get Involved’ page.

We are delighted you are here, and we hope you will join with us to Save Bridgnorth’s Greenbelt.  As Henry Carver said in his introductory speech, “It’s our town, it’s our Bridgnorth, it’s our future and we’ve got to fight for it.”