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Philip Dunne

The single most important thing you can do right now to Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt is write to your MP, the Rt Hon Philip Dunne.  As we explained on our Get Involved page, Mr Dunne is in a political jam, but he has told us, “a heavy post bag means I can do something”.  It sounds simple, but writing letters really can change the world, MPs move when enough of their constituents ask them to.  For ease, we have created a template letter below, that you can cut and paste and send either by post or email.  It only takes five minutes, please do it today!

You can write to Philip Dunne MP at the address below or you can email him: philip.dunne.mp@parliament.uk

Be sure to include your full name, address and postcode in any correspondence.  Philip Dunne also holds regular surgeries in Bridgnorth and you can request a meeting with him in person: https://www.philipdunne.com/surgeries

Template Letter / Email:

Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP
54 Broad Street

(insert date)

Dear Mr Dunne,

Re: Shropshire Council’s plans for the greenbelt around Bridgnorth

I am / we are writing to you to express my / our deep concern and anger with Shropshire Council’s plans to take 410 acres of protected greenbelt land around Bridgnorth for housing and industry.  In addition to productive arable farmland, this area includes around half of Stanmore Country Park, a much-loved recreational greenspace, compulsory purchased with public money for public use, and a real asset to the old and those with impaired mobility.  As a resident of the local community, I am / we are following this story with great interest via the local media and the Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt website. It is abundantly clear from the evidence presented to date by this campaign group and the local press that Shropshire Council have questions to answer regarding their proposals  in order to justify what is clearly a ‘land grab’:

  1. What are the exceptional circumstances that justify the release of greenbelt land?
  2. What is the evidence that Bridgnorth needs this many houses and what is the business case?
  3. What will be the impacts of this development on the local economy, which is underpinned by tourism?
  4. Is this scheme environmentally sustainable and how will Shropshire Council meet the significant infrastructure needs and costs that this proposed level of development will incur? How will Bridgnorth’s schools, roads, parking, doctors, services etc cope?

To date, the failure of Shropshire Council to provide clear, concise answers to these simple questions demonstrates their arrogance and their complete disinterest in listening to the opinions and concerns of local residents.  Put simply, they are riding roughshod over local democracy and are demonstrably not entering into a robust and proper consultation, which are central pillars of the four Gunning Principles – which, most crucially, state that ‘conscientious consideration’ must be given to the consultation responses before a decision is made.  Please bear in mind that the Local Plan Review consultation on plans for Bridgnorth was the third of four consultation exercises, and given Shropshire Council’s conduct to date, I / we have little to no confidence that our answers will be taken into consideration.  Why ask us what we think if they are not going to listen to the answers?

It is also very clear, that prominent and already wealthy Shropshire landowners – politically connected people – stand to make huge amounts of money from this development, but with little, if any impact on their own lives.  Put simply, it is a development fuelled by greed that will not benefit local people, your voters.

As my / our local MP, I would be grateful if you could take a stand against this unwanted and unneeded development and raise my / our concerns with representatives of Shropshire Council.  However, given the seriousness of this situation, if my / our concerns are not taken seriously, I / we would ask you to bring this to the attention of appropriate Ministers within national Government.

Yours sincerely,


(your name)

(Your address and postcode)