Suitable for Development?

In November 2018 (the very same day they opened the public consultation on the Bridgnorth plan, putting forward Stanmore as the site of a ‘garden village’) Shropshire Council published the findings of their Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA).

The SLAA is a technical assessment of the suitability; availability; and achievability (including viability) of land for housing and employment development. The SLAA represents a key component of the evidence base which will support the Shropshire Council Local Plan Review. It also contributes towards informing Shropshire Council’s approach to the delivery of development, particularly housing and employment development; across Shropshire.

As part of this assessement, Shropshire Council looked at land at Stanmore, Swancote and Hoccum.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words:

SLAA rejected 3.png

And on the OS map:

SLAA rejected OS Map.png

You can view this map of rejected sites for yourself here, on the SLAA page of the Shropshire Council Website (just zoom to see the map in more detail)