Our Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete one of our surveys.  Over 9,000 were circulated, and over 1,000 were returned.  They have been carefully analysed and data checked.  We have had impressive numbers of responses from residents in Bridgnorth Town, Tasley, and Worfield & Rudge Parishes.  Wherever people live, they do not agree with deleting our greenbelt for future development.

You can download the survey results as a PDF here: Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt-Survey

Greenbelt question

Most importantly 98% of people want to protect our greenbelt.

95% say Bridgnorth has small to no capacity for absorbing more development

81% think Shropshire Council are untrustworthy

Town and Parish Councils should now listen to the people and unequivocally object to this site allocation, it’s unnecessary, unwanted and you could drive a coach and horses through the “evidence base”.

Town and Parish councils have no power to allocate sites, only Shropshire Council have that power.  Because they are not ‘decision makers’, Town and Parish Councils do not have to be impartial, they can be as partial as they like!  Town and Parish councils have a duty to act in the public interest and to represent residents’ views.    That is their only job, when it comes to local plan reviews.  To be the ‘conduit’ of your views, and to galavanise local people.

The only question anyone is being asked is “Do you agree with deleting 410 acres of greenbelt, and allocating this site for future development?”  That is quite literally, it!

We’ve already explained why the site promoters (the clue is in the name!) can’t be trusted, because they do exactly what is says on the tin, promote the site!  You’ll have seen the press stories, where the Advertising Standards Authority pulled them up for misleading residents, with their promises of unicorns and rainbows.

If you look at other Town and Parish Councils who have successfully fought off similar excessive threats to their greenbelt, the ones who succeed are those that band together with residents, and shout from the rooftops that they say ‘No!’.  The people have said no, why not our councils?  Write and ask them why here.