About Us

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Who are we?

The Save Bridgnorth Green Belt Group has been set up by a group of volunteers, residents of Stanmore and Swancote, concerned about the Council’s proposals and their impact on the countryside, their communities and the historic town of Bridgnorth.  The group’s purpose is to oppose the proposal by Shropshire Council to remove land at Stanmore and Swancote from the Green Belt and to oppose the inappropriate, unwanted and unnecessary development there.  The Campaign aims to raise awareness of the proposed development, ensure that the people of Bridgnorth, Stanmore and surrounds are aware of the implications for both the town and countryside, have all the facts, and can have their say in the planning process.

Are we just NIMBYs?

Our objections to this plan are not because it’s in our (or Bridgnorth’s) back yard, but because we truly believe it’s the wrong plan.  We are pro-growth, pro-business, and pro-jobs and progress.  We are not anti-development; we are anti-bad or disproportionate development.  We also care about sustainability; we think it’s possible for communities to thrive without wrecking the environment and creating a variety of long-term problems for that short-term financial gain.  We accept that our community needs new homes and young people should have opportunities for good careers, and a decent place to live locally.  We are committed to finding a plan for Bridgnorth and its surrounding countryside that allows the town to grow sustainably but which protects its greatest environmental asset (and selling point): it’s rural setting.  We don’t believe Shropshire Council’s plan for Stanmore does any of that, and that’s why we are fighting it.  We think a better way forward is possible.

See the menu above for our Privacy Protection Policy and a full copy of our Constitution.  Save Bridgnorth Greenbelt Group is a not-for-profit Unincorporated Association.