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DEADLINE TODAY Friday 8th February!  If you are worried or upset by the Council proposals, or just think they are plain wrong, then the single most important thing you can do is respond to the consultation before it closes today.


Below you’ll find guidance on how to:

  • Send a reply to the consultation using the electronic PDF questionnaire
  • Send a paper copy of the consultation by post and filled in by hand (handy if people you know don’t have access to a computer or the internet)
  • Send an email or a letter instead – this is the quickest way to object, scroll down.

The plans can be viewed here: scroll down the list to Bridgnorth

The Council’s preferred way is for you to reply using their Preferred Options Consultation Questionnaire.  The one for Bridgnorth can be found at:

You can either save the PDF to your computer, and fill it in electronically and email it, or print it off and fill it in by hand and post it – instructions below.  The quickest way to object is to send a short email to the Council directly.  Do not be put off by the technical questions at the start – the important questions are those on the Bridgnorth Place Plan Area (questions 13 (a), 13 (b), 13(c) and 13(d) on page 3) and box 64 on page 6.

If you share our concerns about the scale and impact of this proposed development, and you also feel the Council have failed to evidence the ‘exceptional circumstances’ for the release of Green Belt land, it’s important to say so.

Use the online Consultation PDF:
Download the PDF to your computer and save it.
Fill in your name and address details
Ignore page 2

In a hurry? Then:
Say ‘No’ to questions 13 (a), 13 (b), 13 (c) and 13 (d) on page 3
Scroll down to the bottom, page 6, until you reach box 64
Leave your individual comments in box 64 in your own words.

Got more time? Then:
Say ‘No’ to questions 13 (a), 13 (b), 13 (c) and 13 (d) on page 3
Scroll down to the bottom, page 6, until you reach box 64
Have a read of our home page again, and consider, in your own words, mentioning:

  • The Office for National Statistics does not predict a population growth in Shropshire or Bridgnorth of a magnitude that supports the size of the housing proposal.
  • Employment levels are decreasing in Bridgnorth; there is no evidence supplied as a background to this proposal of demand for business or industry growth. No evidence supplied as to the need for economic growth.
  • Industrial Land is available (vacant) that is not currently being utilised. There is no evidence supplied to provide a quantified need for the increase of industrial land. Chartwell Park and Stanmore Business Park both have vacant plots and offices.
  • The only anticipated increase within the Bridgnorth population is within the age group over 65 years of age, so housing proposal would need to consider sites in town rather than out of town, with easy access to relevant facilities.
  • There are no exceptional circumstances that warrant the proposal to build on green belt land. No other sites have been put forward for consideration, despite the suitability of areas such as Tasley.
  • A Green Belt Review has not yet been undertaken.
  • The development proposed is in Green Belt land which is open land around urban places designed to stop urban sprawl and to protect the character of rural communities.
  • The Shropshire Council’s own Strategic Land Availability Assessment, completed in November 2018 rejected development around Stanmore.
  • Stanmore is not inside Bridgnorth boundary.
  • Stanmore is not in a sustainable location as there is no existing infrastructure and this will not be forthcoming in advance of any construction (if at all).
  • The Stanmore Country Park has not been proven to be surplus to requirements. In 2017/18 Shropshire averaged 8.04ha and Bridgnorth 5.84ha per 1000 head of population.
  • There has been no Open Space review.
  • Stanmore Country Park has had £8,500 invested over the last 5 years via Voluntary Group bidding activity for charitable monies. This has resulted in a 600m wheelchair friendly path, 6 noticeboards highlighting heritage and ecological value of the Park, Bat and Bird boxes with a resultant increase of species, 20 fruit trees in a community orchard and the planting of a rare Black Poplar avenue.
  • In 2018, 57,626 people passed by the footfall counter through 1 of 8 entrance gates into the park. The Park fulfils a useful role in supporting available green space (which is below acceptable national average in Bridgnorth)
  • The park is on level terrain and is suitable for disabled users. Open space which is level is in short supply in Shropshire and nationally.
  • Stanmore Country Park is on the opposite side of the By-Pass road to where ‘replacement parkland’ is proposed. No continuous green space is therefore possible.
  • There is no consideration of how well established (over 50 years old) the tree and wildlife habitat is that is proposed to be removed. Biodiversity offsetting is not necessary.
  • The visual impact on the neighbourhood has not been considered.
  • The impact on the character and existing landscape has not been considered.

If you think the scale and impact of this proposed development is disproportionate, it is important to note this in your answers too.

If you need to continue on an extra sheet, that’s fine, just note ‘continued – see attached’ in the answer box and then continue your answers on a new blank Word document, make sure to save a copy of this too.  Be sure to label it correctly with your name, address, and ‘Preferred Sites Consultation Bridgnorth Place Plan’ and make it clear it’s a continuation sheet.

Once you’ve finished filling in the PDF Questionnaire:
Save the document once you have finished
Go to your email client and create a new email
Sending to:
Click ‘attach file’ (this often looks like a little paperclip icon) and choose the questionnaire file you’ve saved (and your continuation sheet document if you made one)
Make sure the email subject is ‘Preferred Sites Consultation Bridgnorth Place Plan’ and then add [YOUR SURNAME] to the subject line.  It is important to keep a copy of what you send.

Or, save the PDF, print it out, and post it to:

Planning Policy
Shropshire Council
The Shirehall
Abbey Foregate

(keep proof of posting – this is free at the Post Office).

Write or Email:
If downloading documents from the internet is all a bit too complicated, you can of course either write a letter or send an email to the council directly.  Alternatively, you can print out a blank copy of the questionnaire using the link at the top of this page.  Or, blank paper copies of the questionnaire are available at the library.  You can fill it in by hand and then post it  – if you need to go onto an extra sheet, note this in the question box (‘continued on attached’) and make sure any additional pages are correctly labelled with your name and address.  We will be adding a template email / letter to this page in the next 24 hours, that you could use as a guide to the kind of things you might include in your letter or email.  Alternatively, you could use the points highlighted above and on our Home Page.  If your key concern is the scale and impact of this proposed development, it’s important to emphasise this in what you write.


Send an Email:
The email address is:

Subject line: ‘Preferred Sites Consulation Bridgnorth Place Plan’ and then add [YOUR SURNAME]

Make sure to include you name address and postcode in the email body.

Have a read of the points made on the home page of this site, and above, and then emphasise your concerns in your email in your own words.  Keep a copy of what you send.

You could say something like:

I wanted to lodge my wholehearted objection to the proposed Bridgnorth Place Plan and the proposed development of Stanmore.

In particular I wanted to highlight that:

  • The site is classified as Greenbelt in SAMDev
  • The entire site was rejected as unsuitable for development in your November 2018 Strategic Land Availability Assessment
  • Bridgnorth Council and the SLAA have identified other potential sites
  • You have not sufficiently explained the ‘exceptional circumstances’ for release of greenbelt land
  • You are inflating the housing need figures and have no specific housing need figures for Bridgnorth – we do not need this many houses
  • 560 homes are already approved for Tasley, this alone will increase the town’s population by 10%
  • You have admitted that there is no guarantee the homes built will be affordable and that there is no way to allocate them to local people
  • I am concerned you will use this site as overspill housing for Birmingham and the Black Country as part of negotiations with the West Midlands Combined Authority.
  • This plan will swamp the infrastructure of Bridgnorth. You have insufficiently explained how you will offset the enormous impact of this development on the greenbelt, the countryside, the town of Bridgnorth in terms of roads, parking, schools, air pollution, etc and I am not confident that you can guarantee infrastructure investment
  • Concluding that a development will moderately impact the Greenbelt is not sufficient reason to release it from the Greenbelt
  • The size and impact of this proposed development will irrevocably change the character of our town and countryside and damage small communities.
  • You have failed to evidence your claims re the needs of employers in Bridgnorth
  • Other industrial land is available, and current industrial sites have vacant plots – employment levels in Bridgnorth are falling not growing
  • The consultation process has been confusing and hard to navigate, making it inaccessible for some people, awareness has been poor.

Yours sincerely

[Your Name]

If sending a letter:
As mentioned above, you can print out a blank copy of the questionnaire using the link above, or get a paper copy of the questionnaire at the local library and fill it by hand or you can just write a letter, outlining your concerns, to Shropshire Council at (see the points for email above):

Planning Policy & Strategy Team
Shropshire Council
The Shirehall
Abbey Foregate

(keep proof of posting – this is free at the Post Office).

Letters should be headed “Response to Preferred Sites Consultation” and include a mention of the Bridgnorth Local Plan Review and include your name and address.

If you have friends and neighbours who you think would also be keen to send a response, but they don’t have access to a computer, you could print off a copy of the questionnaire for them, and a copy of this page or tell them to go to Bridgnorth Library.